Honey Harvest

You would know that it is time to harvest your honey when you inspect the bee hives and find the supers full of capped honeycomb. Taking out the honeycombs to get the honey is easier said than done.

The bees must be removed first from the honey super before taking the honey off. The beekeeper must wear his bee suit in order to avoid getting stung. The bees can be really aggressive when somebody tries to steal their honey.

In order to remove the bees from the super, a chemical solution is applied to a fume board put on top of the hive. This will cause the bees to leave the hive.

Getting the honey out of the frames can be quite difficult but it is important not to leave the honey for too long in the hives. The left in the hive for quite a long time, the color of the honey will be darker. It may not hurt the quality of the honey but most people would prefer light colored honey.

Furthermore, if you don’t get the honey too soon, the bees will not have more room to store honey. Worker bees must have enough room where they can store honey. If your hive is full of honey, your bees will not have enough room and may run away to swarm.

However, it is also important not to harvest honey too soon when it is not ready. Honey harvested too soon contains too many water and it might spoil or ferment. The truth is your bees will tell you when the right time is to harvest the honey. If you see wax caps over the honey cells, then it is time for harvesting honey. The best time to harvest your honey is during a sunny day or in the morning when your bees are busy.

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